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Participating in Extracurricular Activities to Increase Chances of College Acceptance

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Qualifying for the university of your dreams can be tough. However, there are many things that can be done to increase your chances of qualifying to that college or university. The most obvious and most important is to have good grades, take APs, and write a great essay. However, having a strong background in extracurriculars is deceptively important as well.

Allows student to stand out

When the Admissions Board review essay and grade sheet after essay and grade sheet, they can begin to all blur together. If one student has a 3.7 and received a 30 on the ACT and another student, possibly from a completely different school, had a 3.8 and a 29, how are they supposed to decide on which to choose?

Extracurriculars can help make your application stand out. For instance, if one student taught during the summer and helped at a soup kitchen, that can make the student’s application stand out, as it shows that the student has compassion for other, cares about their environment and is able to take initiative.

New experiences and skills

By being involved in exciting extracurriculars, such as an internship or teaching at a summer camp, you can have something to write about on your essay. While another student may be writing about his classes, you may be writing about the time you interned at a company and all the exciting things you learned.


By expanding your horizons, you may be surprised at what you can learn and how much fun you can have. Maybe you find that you loved tutoring students at summer camp, or that working at a soup kitchen made you feel good about yourself.

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