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How to Prepare for ACT and SAT Math Tests

How to Prepare for ACT and SAT Math Tests Teaching Staff

The math portion of the ACT and SAT tests is one of the more overwhelming sections for students. The test requires a lot of planning and strategy to complete it. The math section tests students on their problem solving and critical thinking skills. Still, in order to perform well on the exam students must know all the concepts.

A student must plan an effective test preparation method in order to perform well. There are few general steps to follow while planning your study period. First of all, it is necessary to determine the curriculum that should be used when preparing for either test.

Here are the units covered each test.


Make a schedule and stick to it

A student must allocate sufficient amount of time for each unit. In order plan your schedule, take a practice test. This will assess your ability to solve each type of problem. Depending on how you perform on each of the units listed above, make a schedule to manage your time appropriately. It is strongly advised that the test preparation be completed one week prior to the exam. The last week of preparation should be spent briefly reviewing concepts and taking at least one practice exam each day.

Reward yourself with small breaks

It is not uncommon to get stuck on a question while studying for a math test. These instances occur more frequently when a student has been studying for hours at a time without a break, studying with distractions close by or using an incorrect formula/ inputting the wrong numbers into a calculator. At such points, taking a short break is highly recommended. When you return to the problem, you will have a different perspective that will more than likely be the correct way to approach the question.

Make a review sheet for yourself

While studying, make a one sided page review sheet for each chapter that you cover. This sheet should summarize all relevant formula and anything that you have problems remembering. Do not include concepts that you are very familiar with and do not need to review. After each chapter, continuously review this sheet to keep the concepts familiar to you.

Practice. Practice. Practice.

Math is all about practising. Every question will be different and this makes it vital that you understand the concepts and learn how to solve the problem rather than looking for general patterns. In order to encounter variety of problems you must practice regularly. Math is not about memorizing; rather, it is about practicing how to tackle different types of problems by using a variety of skills you have learnt during studying and practicing.

In order to be successful in maths SAT/ ACT, it is not necessary to study hard but rather study smart. As such, making an effective study schedule and sticking to it will provide tremendous help with keeping on top of your studies.

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