Exam Planning

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As the school year winds to an end, students are faced with the stress of preparing for exams. Generally, there is an exam for each class and so the student will need to prepare for 4 exams in a semestered school or 8 exams in a non-semestered school. Students can find themselves feeling very overwhelmed because they have to prepare for multiple exams at once and because a significant portion of their mark is weighted on the exam.

The following points outline a few crucial aspects pertaining to studying during exam season. Use these points to ensure optimal results and to reduce stress during the entire exam season.

Begin Early

Generally, schools will publicize exam dates at least one month prior to the start of exams. Begin the process of studying as soon as these dates are received. This will ensure that you allow for wise time management and prevent last minute cramming.

The Exam Season Calendar

Exam Planning 3To manage their time wisely, students are advised to create an “Exam Season Calendar”. This calendar should list all of your exam dates along with any other important dates such as cumulative assignment due dates, quizzes, etc. In addition to this, the student is encouraged to section the days leading up to the exams with the major topics pertaining to each exam.

Note that it is okay to mix different classes with different days (for example: On Tuesday, I will review all of the methods of factoring equations in the morning, review evolution in the afternoon and review literary devices in the evening). Ensure that all of the important topics are covered before the exam!

Govern the Exam Season Calendar According to the Student’s Strengths

ExamThe emphasis on the topics in the sectioned days leading up to the exam should be based on the strengths and weaknesses of the student. Evidently, if the student is struggling more in one subject, they should section more time/days for that particular subject. On the flip side, if the student is very comfortable in one subject, they may want to focus more on the other subjects that they are having difficulty with.

Following these points will ensure that the student spends their time most wisely while studying for exams. This helps them achieve greatness and it also helps to moderate the stress of exams. Happy studying!

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