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Life Lessons Learnt in High School

Life Lessons Learnt in High School

Life Lessons Learnt in High School 150 150 Teaching Staff

I spent twelve years in school and a few more for the post secondary education. After finishing my long academic career I wonder, what have I actually learned from the school? Is my degree the only reward of my studies? Have I only learned maths and sciences? The answer I get is school was not only about my materialistic education rather school taught some important life lessons.

Life Lessons Learnt in High School 1School is like a rehearsal for the real life performance. It prepares us for the real world. If an artist makes a mistake saying her line once, she will definitely remember not to repeat the same mistake for the actual performance. Similarly we might have made couple of mistakes in our academic years. The punishment we received for making that mistake might not have been as severe.

However what we need to learn from here is to never repeat that mistake again. For cheating on a test, we might have received a mark of zero on that test. If I think about it, the mark of zero does not affect my overall grade as much. However, the lesson learned have much greater impact. When we enter the real world, such mistakes has serious consequences associated. Cheating and lying at our workplace can hinder our promotion or the job position. Therefore by making mistakes in school, I learned not to repeat them again.

A minusHow many times you looked at that skills section of your report card? We tend to ignore the skills sections and additional comments from our report card and just focus on the marks. However this skills section is as important as our grades.

Communication, teamwork, cooperation, multitasking, being able to work independently are just a few of the necessary skills that a student might develop during their school years. Such soft skills or transferable skills can be applied elsewhere as well, whether it will be workplace or social life, they are important.

Life Lessons Learnt in High School 5The habits we develop during school years remain an integral part of our life. Our work ethics reflects our personality. In order to achieve those nineties there were some important work ethics that we had to develop.Studying for two tests simultaneously, keeping up with all the due dates, and juggling between our social life and academic career instilled some qualities in us.

We learned how to prioritize our tasks which is very much needed in life as well. In order to perform well on the math exams many times I had to give up the movie nights. This teaches me not to succumb to temptations. Similarly in life there might be a circumstance where we must take the right decision. At such point, remember the school years and make the correct decision. School has to offer us something beyond our grades and every student must pay close attention to it.

I learned chemistry from school, you might have learned biology a friend must have learned audits and economics but what we all learned from school is to how to handle our lives. The way we learned particular subject shape us for our future. Life is going to throw many curveballs at us and school is a platform to prepare for us such struggles – take advantage of it.

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