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Should you write the ACT Essay Section?

Should you write the ACT Essay Section?

Should you write the ACT Essay Section? Teaching Staff

Students taking the ACT test are given the choice of writing an essay. It is up to the student to decide whether or not to write it. In order to make the best decision for you, here are a few factors to consider:

Check the requirements outlined by your post-secondary school of choice

Some schools do not require the essay while others do. Contact your school(s) of choice and inquire about their specific requirements. Evidently, this is the number one factor influencing your decision.

What program are you enrolling in?

For students enrolling in a math program for instance, it may be better to neglect the ACT essay (school permitting of course). These students may find it more helpful to focus most of their study time on the mandatory sections such as math. This being said, students who are enrolling in an arts program may want to do the contrary. This is because if the student can ace their ACT essay, they will be more appealing to the admissions department.

What is your comfort level with rushed essays?

The student is only given 30 minutes to complete the essay. This may not enough time to perfect it and so the student may find themselves being rushed. Depending on the capabilities of the student, this anxiety can hinder their performance in the other sections. Hence, if the student is not comfortable with the essay and they are not required to write it, they should definitely neglect it.

These are the key factors that play a part in the decision as to whether or not to write the essay. Check these factors, as it could save you a lot of time, stress and anxiety.