Managing Classes for Students with Learning Disabilities

Managing Classes for Students with Learning Disabilities

Managing Classes for Students with Learning Disabilities 150 150 Teaching Staff

Every child deserves to learn. Children with learning disabilities should benefit from their education just as general education student do. The only difference with learning disabled students is that they need to develop the skills that they require to adapt their learning. This means that they should be provided with the type of support and attention which they need to succeed.

Positive Outlook

It is vital that students are surrounded with a positive environment at home and at school. Some parents can become very distressed at the hurdles they need to surpass in providing their child with the accommodations that they require. It is important for parents to remember to look at the bigger picture and remember that all students have struggles that they will need to overcome.

Providing Support: at school and at home

In addition to providing a positive outlook for students with learning disabilities, it is also important for parents, teachers and other mentors to provide these students with the support that they need to manage their own education. It is a common belief that students with learning disabilities are provided with special treatment such as more time on tests or being able to write the test in a different location from the rest of the class. This is certainly not the case for any of these students since the aforementioned conditions only serve to make it fair for students with disabilities and should not be confused with an advantage to these students. The image below illustrates a clear example of this.


Since all students do not have the same strengths and weaknesses, it is not fair to have them learn and test the same way. Students with learning disabilities need more time to develop the skills necessary to work with their specific cases.

Parents are encouraged to work with their children

Parents are encouraged to work with their children early on in an effort to help students develop skills which they can employ in their life-long education. These students must be handled with enthusiasm and patience. Younger students always require attention to do school work. As such, parents should try to make all the learning activities a fun experience. For example while driving down the road, ask your child to read billboards, check grocery bills, name their favorite games and cartoon characters. Through these small activities children will gain a lot of knowledge.

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