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The Importance of One on One Preparation

The Importance of One on One Preparation Teaching Staff

Students can prepare for their ACT/SAT examination in a variety of ways. Some students study alone, others enroll in general courses, others seek private one on one tutoring. Evidently, this wide array of choice varies in effectiveness.

To optimize their score, the student should aim to utilize the most beneficial method.  More specifically, the student should seek out one on one tutoring. Here’s why private tutoring is ideal:

  • Instruction from a Specialist

Students who study alone often miss important aspects of the preparation because they are not familiar with the test. For instance, they may forget to examine a specific type of question or they may be unaware of a certain section of the test. On the contrary, the familiarity and knowledge of the test is within the job description of the test prep specialist. It is then seen how studying with a specialist is crucial because this will ensure that no detail is overlooked.

  • Specially Designed Classes

Students who prepare by enrolling in general preparation courses are able to learn the basics, but are not given the chance to precisely refine their skills. Instead, they are funneled through a class with up to 50 students and given a mass-produced understanding of the material. The ability to see a one on one instructor allows for a more effective understanding. The teacher will be able to cater their lessons to better suit the individual learning style of the student rather than throwing the student in a pre-define mold.

  • Comfortable Learning Environment

Studying alone may result in boredom and procrastination. Enrolling in general classes may result in shy-ness and a fear to ask questions. Working one on one with an instructor bypasses these difficulties. Seeing each other every day, the student and instructor will develop a strong relationship. This open relationship will facilitate the growth of the student and increase their ability to learn.

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