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Why Doing Homework Can Save Your Grade

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Students are often under the misconception that the learning process is restricted to the classroom. Although it is true that a large portion of the learning happens in the classroom, the belief that ALL the learning is found in the classroom is absolutely false. The overlooked aspect of the learning process is actually found at home; it resides in the student’s homework. Here are a few points outlining the importance of the completion of homework.

Homework Outlines Areas for Improvement

The majority of class is spent listening to a lecture. As humans in general are not perfect, there will be a significant amount of information that the student is not able to retain. Completing the assigned homework will outline these areas of difficulty because while attempting to complete the homework, the student may realize that they do not know what to do. This is very beneficial to the student as they can now go to the teacher the following class (before their exam) and ask questions pertaining to their difficulty, effectively nipping any problems in the bud.

Recollection of Material

Students tend to forget things if they do not frequently think about them. Hence, if the student learns a concept one day but does not complete their homework, the next time they think about that concept may be as late as test week. In that period of time, it is common that the student has forgotten the material and must cram to re-learn it. Homework can prevent this issue because it allows the student to think about the concepts over a longer period of time, rather than just in the classroom.

With more frequent reference to the concept, the student is less likely to forget the material allowing a much smoother transition into test week.

The completion of homework is therefore seen as a crucial component to the success of the student. The student must get into the habit of completing it because this skill can and will take them a long way!

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