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SAT Subject Tests: Determining Which is Right for You

SAT Subject Tests: Determining Which is Right for You

SAT Subject Tests: Determining Which is Right for You Teaching Staff

In addition to the general SAT test, students are given the chance to write a more specific test on a desired subject. These tests are called SAT Subject Tests and there are 20 of them which cover the 5 following categories: English, Math, Science, Foreign Language and History.

SAT Subject Tests give the student a chance to demonstrate their knowledge of a specific field to the post-secondary school of choice. Evidently, the success on a SAT Subject Test will provide further distinction between the student and peers and could be a deciding factor in the admission process to a certain program.

Here are a few tips on determining which Subject Test to take.

Math 1 versus Math 2

The Math 1 test is generally easier than the Math 2 test because it covers fewer topics. The Math 1 test covers algebra and geometry whereas the Math 2 test covers both of these plus calculus and trigonometry. Evidently, the student should gauge their confidence in these topics to determine which math test to take.

Biology M versus Biology E

Biology M and Biology E are two different tests pertaining to Biology. The “M” in Biology M stands for molecular. The “E” in Biology E stands for ecological. The student should choose Biology E is they are confident in the following concepts: biological communities, populations and energy flow. They should choose Biology M if they feel confident in the following: biochemistry, cellular structure, and cellular processes.

Language with listening versus language without listening

Some Subject Tests regarding the language section differ in that one of them is purely writing focused whereas the other also has a listening section.

The listening section requires that the student listen to various sentences and words in the desired language and answer multiple choice questions. Evidently, if the student feels confident in both of these categories, they should consider taking the test with the listening. If the student does not feel confident in the listening section, they should consider the former.

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