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Tips for Eating Healthy

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With midterm season fast approaching many students may not find time to eat healthy and proper meals. In the rush to get to class and handing in assignments and reports, many students ignore their bodies cry for food and regular meals. To avoid the dreaded “Freshman 15” and to improve your energy levels here are 5 tips on eating healthy in university.

Eat Breakfast
Seems like an obvious thing right? Unfortunately, many students skip breakfast which is a huge mistake. It is important to start your day off with a proper meal. You haven’t fuelled your body with anything for the last 8 hours, and it is important that you fill your body with energy and nutrients you need to do the thinking you need all day.

Meal Prep
You should never cook for one. It is always easier to cook in larger portions than in smaller portions. It’s always more enjoyable when you cook with your roommates, so each week you can plan a day to meal prep with them together. Or if you and your roommates have different taste buds, you can always cook more and then split them into smaller portions and freeze them for later. This way you can always have a healthy meal even on days you are in a rush.

Go to supermarkets late.

If you do go out to the supermarket, consider going at a later time like in the evening after dinner. Usually around that time, many supermarkets start discounting their items to get ready for closing. This is especially convenient if you decide to buy meat products, which if you get home and freeze can last you for long periods of time. Another option is to do your grocery shopping during the week. Stores also heavily discount their items on Tuesdays and/ or Wednesdays while they are restocking.

Carry Healthy Snacks
Its natural for any student to feel hungry during class but it is hard not to resist the temptation of visiting the vending machine or the school coffee shop to get a quick snack. Instead, always remember to carry healthy snacks like fruits or trail mix or yogurt so you are not tempted to always visit the vending machines at school.

Watch your beverages
As much as it is important to watch what foods you are consuming, it is also important to watch what beverages you are consuming as well. Drinks like alcohol, sodas, and caffeinated drinks contain high and empty calories that can compromise your sleep cycle and digestive system. It is okay to have have these drink once in awhile but it’s important to remember to stay hydrated with lots of water. Not only does water help you stay hydrated it is also extremely good for maintaining your weight and diet as well as improving your skin.

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