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Tips for Studying Effectively

Tips for Studying Effectively 602 452 Teaching Staff

Everyone has been through the stress that accompanies studying. Whether it be for a quiz, test or final exam, finding an effective study method can be quite difficult. In preparation for your next studying session, here are some tips that can help make your studying more effective:

Find a Comfortable Study Space

This could be in the quietest corner of your local library or in the loudest part of town you can find. Find a space that works for you. Some people prefer total silence, while others prefer background noises. Once you are able to put yourself in the right surroundings, it will increase your motivation to study and will allow you to better focus on the materials in front of you.

Organize the Material

Creating organized study notes can help you narrow down on essential topics that you need to know. This will then allow you to further break these topics down into important details. Study note structure varies person to person, so find what works for you! Your study notes could involve re-writing course material in your own words, creating flow charts to connect ideas, or creating visuals for complicated concepts.

Be the Teacher

Whether it means talking out loud to yourself, your friend, your grandparent or even your pet, explaining concepts verbally and attempting to teach the material you’re studying can help consolidate key concepts. Close your books and write down a list of concepts you need to know. Then, act as if you were giving someone a lesson on these topics. If you come across a topic you are unsure about, you can then spend more time to further understand it.

Take Breaks

Trying to cram what could be a month’s worth of content into a 10-hour-straight study session will leave yourself mentally exhausted. You can easily become frustrated by staring at the same concepts for long periods of time. By taking 15 minute breaks in between hour long sessions, it will help you to alleviate some studying stress. Especially when it comes to dealing with a tricky concept or problem, a short break can allow you to come back to the content with a fresh perspective.  

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