When Your Child Displays Antisocial Behavior

When Your Child Displays Antisocial Behavior

When Your Child Displays Antisocial Behavior 150 150 Kristen

Now that your child has started or is back in school for another year, they’re going to be spending a lot of time around other children. Lots of children enjoy going to school to see their friends and spend time learning and playing together.  However, some children may struggle and exhibit antisocial behavior at school. How do you recognize this behavior? What can you do about it?

What is antisocial behavior? Antisocial behavior can be exhibited in different ways. Your child may exhibit aggressive tendencies toward other children. Your child may show inability to understand and follow social norms, resulting in inappropriate behavior. Children with antisocial behavior issues will also repeat inappropriate or aggressive behavior, even with the threat of consequences present. Antisocial will not fear punishment, and therefore are more prone to repeating and creating patterns and habits of their behavior. What can you do about antisocial behavior? There are several measures you can take to try and correct antisocial behavior in your child.

  • First, set clear limits and boundaries. Although this may sound counterintuitive since antisocial children appear to not respect boundaries, your child just may not have a clear understanding of rules and needs someone to consistently enforce them.
  • Second, explain in terms your child can understand why it is important to follow rules. Avoid using the “because I said so” technique, and instead try to get your child to see who they are hurting when they break rules and how their actions might make others feel.
  • Next, follow through on consequences. If you have set boundaries and explained to your child the importance of them, make sure you establish and follow through on consequences when those boundaries are broken.

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