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West E. – Language Arts Tutor – Chicago, IL
University of BradfordEnglish Literature
“I think that a good education is the basis of a civilized and a democratic society.”
Wynee G. – Language Arts Tutor – Brooklyn, NY
St. Joseph’s CollegeCriminal Justice
“Ensuring that each student is feeling confident about their work and assignments.”
Yanira C. – Language Arts Tutor – Memphis, TN
Ashford UniversityTeaching and Learning with Technology
“Education is what we all need to be successful in life.”
Yolonda P. – Language Arts Tutor – Las Cruces, NM
Pennsylvania State UniversityEnglish
“Firstly, the presentation of required material is crucial, but it is more important to me that I facilitate students’ discovery of their own individual abilities in relation to the class objective.”
Yolonda P. – Language Arts Tutor – Las Cruces, NM
New Mexico State UniversityB.A., English
“Parents and community members tell their own stories, which itself engendered a form of historical consciousness of how they came to be where they are now.”
Yvonne H. – Language Arts Tutor – Hamilton, ON
McMaster UniversityHistory
“Caring relationships are fundamental to my teaching philosophy.”
Zack P. – Language Arts Tutor – Kitchener, ON
McMaster UniversityInternational Business Management
“Teaching is all about fitting the technique to the student.”
Zak W. – Language Arts Tutor – Duncan, BC
University of VictoriaHistory
“A teacher must show utmost commitment towards bettering a student.”