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Reading Tutors Available

SchoolTutoring Academy offers English – Reading tutoring across all cities in the U.S. and Canada. Please call us at 1-877-545-7737 (PREP) to schedule tutoring with any of our available tutors.

Tutoring Options: All Subjects >> English >> Reading
Sarah S. – Reading Tutor – Candiac, QC
Vancouver Island UniversityMajor in Criminology
“I believe that each child is a unique individual who needs a secure, caring, and stimulating atmosphere in which to grow and mature emotionally, intellectually, physically, and socially.”
Sarah B. – Reading Tutor – Ajax, ON
University of TorontoEnglish
“I believe that every student can achieve success when given the right tools.”
Sarah O. – Reading Tutor – Barksdale, LA
University of Hawaii at ManoaBiology
“My educational philosophy is that any child can learn anything if it is taught the right way.”
Sarah R. – Reading Tutor – Winnipeg, MB
University of ManitobaEnglish
“I want create lessons that peak my class’ interest, inspire them, develop independence, so that not only do they learn but become life-long learners.I like to be creative and take risks with my lessons, it does not always work but it helps me reflect, re-evaluate, and adapt my plan.”
Sarah C. – Reading Tutor – Hannon, ON
McMaster UniversityApplied Science
“Each student is their own individual that should be provided with a learning environment that is safe, encouraging and stimulating.

Sasha E. – Reading Tutor – Kelowna, BC
University of British ColumbiaSecondary Education
“I think teachers should learn their student’s interests and what they love about their education, and base their lessons around that.”
Sturlino L. – Reading Tutor – Ottawa, ON
Queens UniversityEducation
“Everybody has the ability to learn and improve in any given subject area.
Scott A. – Reading Tutor – Edmonton, AB
University of AlbertaEconomics, Psychology
“I would say my philosophy is to push kids boundaries, to make them understand the same problem from different angles.”
Scott C. – Reading Tutor – Greenville, NC
Utica College of Syracuse UniversityCommuication Arts
“I believe that every student can achieve what they want if they work hard enough.”
Scott M. – Reading Tutor – Windsor, ON
Baylor UniversitySociology
“I believe good rapport is the key to good learning.”
Scott F. – Reading Tutor – Waterloo, ON
University of WaterlooFine Arts
“My philosophy is holistic and I strive to integrate multiple intelligences, Bloom’s Taxonomy and strive to differentiate learning for each learner.”
Selina M. – Reading Tutor – Hampton, GA
Clayton State UniversityPsychology and Human Services
“My ambition to teach stems from my desire to make a difference in others?”
Serena S. – Reading Tutor – Coquitlam, BC
York UniversityEnglish, Theatre
“In order to teach almost any subject, one needs to involve other subjects. If you teach English, for example, you need to use a theme or topic to use in order to teach the language.”
Serena S. – Reading Tutor – Coquitlam, BC
York UniversityEnglish, Theatre
“I believe that all subjects are inter-connected, that is, you can’t learn one subject without using other subjects.”
Serena S. – Reading Tutor – Montreal, QC
Bishop’s UniversityEducation
“I believe that all students are capable of growing and developing as learners.”
Seth S. – Reading Tutor – Sacramento, CA
Sacramento State UniversityEnglish
“People are born with curiosity about the world. Learning and teaching should nurture this human quality.”
Sevien S. – Reading Tutor – Upper Darby, PA
Shippensburg University History
“Instruction should be delivered in a way that makes use of resources that help increase a persons individual learning ability while improving in areas that need academic improvement.”
Shabtika T. – Reading Tutor – Vancouver, BC
University of British ColumbiaGeneral Science
“With the right instruction, any student can improve.”
Shahriar N. – Reading Tutor – North York, ON
York UniversityCriminology
“I believe that each child is a unique individual who needs a secure, caring, and stimulating atmosphere in which to grow and mature emotionally, intellectually, physically, and socially.”
Shalin M. – Reading Tutor – Rochester, NY
Rochester Institute of TechnologyB.S., Mechnical Engineering
“I believe that education is a great tool to help children understand the ethics of life, and develop a clear conscience about the rights and wrongs of the world.”
Shanika H. – Reading Tutor – Matthews, NC
Monmouth UniversityPsychology
“My philosophy centers around finding engaging, relevant material that is specific to each individual learner.”
Shannon B. – Reading Tutor – Abbotsford, BC
UBCInternational Relations
“As an educator it is important to find out how a student learns.”
Sharae K. – Reading Tutor – Gilbert, AZ
Arizona State UniversityCommunications
“I believe that every child has the potential to bring something unique to this world.”
Sharon M. – Reading Tutor – Thunder Bay, ON
Lakehead UniverityGeneral Arts and Education
“I have a passion for teaching and a commitment to children.”
Shauna K. – Reading Tutor – Los Gatos, CA
University of California San DiegoBiology
“Education should cultivate each persons’ interests and talents.”