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Choosing the Right Classes in High School

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As a high school student, you may be thinking about your college admission process now. There are many parts to a college application – the essay, your resume, your test scores – but one of the most important parts is your high school transcript. This shows admissions offices what classes you have taken and how well you’ve performed throughout your time in high school. You may want to give some thought to what classes you take during high school.

  • Balance. One of the best ways to treat your class selection process is to try and balance your choices. You want to make sure you are taking classes that cover a wide range and show you can excel in a number of areas.
  • Achievements. You also want your transcript to show your strengths and achievements. This may mean taking some advanced or specialized classes. Taking these classes can also show you are ready for the type of coursework and assignments you’ll be receiving in college.
  • Context. College admissions officers will look at your application within the context of your school. Different schools offer different programs and opportunities. Admissions officers cannot expect you to take certain classes if your school doesn’t offer them to begin with. Admissions officers will only expect you to excel in the opportunities you are given.
  • Represent your interests. If you do have a certain interest you are looking to pursue in college, you may want to show the admissions officers that you have already taken some initiative in exploring that interest. If you’re interested in majoring in history, take some advanced history classes. If you’re interested in an arts program, use your electives to take different types of art classes. Show potential colleges you are already taking opportunities to prepare yourself for your college education.

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