Common Writing Struggles and How Parents Can Help

Common Writing Struggles and How Parents Can Help

Common Writing Struggles and How Parents Can Help 150 150 Kristen

Learning to write is one of the earliest tasks children learn in school, but it can prove to be difficult. Often times parents are confused as to why a child with a strong command of spoken language seems to struggle with written language. This is completely normal and pretty common for young children. Most young children will not write at a level equivalent to their speech until later on. However, if your child exhibits consistent errors and does not seem to learn from mistakes, you may want to pay some extra attention to the subject. Here are some common signs of writing struggles and what you can do to help.

  • Repeated errors and bad habits. Once again, it’s completely normal for children to exhibit strong speech skills, but not as strong writing skills. these will improve over time, as your child learns more and practices his or her writing skills. However, if your child exhibits repeated spelling errors, bad grammar, and poor structure, this could be a sign of writing struggles.
  • Quick frustration. school work can be difficult for children, and that’s normal too. You want your child to be challenged and to overcome obstacles and grow in school. However, if your child complains excessively or tries to stall or procrastinate homework consistently, this could be a sign he or she is struggling with writing.

What you can do to help your child:

  • Meet with teachers or other professionals. If you’ve observed what you think are signs of writing struggles, bring your concerns to your child’s teacher, tutor, counselor, etc. Chances are, they have noticed the same struggles as well, but communicating on the issue is the best first step you can take.
  • Focus on extra help. Unless you have already developed a plan with your child’s teacher, consider spending some extra time focusing on writing skills at home, either yourself or with a tutor or other professional. Reassure your child that learning to write can be difficult and it’s okay to get help. remind your child that writing is an important foundation and critical skill in life. With some extra help and reassurance, your child will most likely overcome his or her writing struggles in time.

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