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How to Help Your Child Control Anger

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While your child is in school, he or she will be handling many different responsibilities, from class participation, homework, after-school activities, and so on. Dealing with so much can be overwhelming or frustrating for some children. If your child struggles with multiple responsibilities or stresses over school, he or she may have trouble containing that frustration. Sometimes children have trouble expressing their emotions, and a frustrated child can become an angry child. If your child reaches this point, becomes frustrated with homework, lashes out toward another student, misbehaves in class or shows any other signs of anger, there are some steps you can take to resolve this issue.

First, talk with your child to let him or her know that emotions of all kinds are completely normal and everyone experiencing different emotions. Let them know emotions can be hard to deal with or handle, but finding constructive ways to express how they are feeling is of utmost importance.

Second, set firm boundaries. If your child lashes out physically and hits or breaks items when he or she gets mad, start setting form boundaries. Let them know it’s okay to feel angry, but it’s not OK to hurt others. Keep firm to these boundaries even during happy or play times – hitting should still not be allowed.

Third, stay calm. When your child gets angry, it’s easy to get frustrated with him or her and reach your breaking point as well. Take a step back for a second, collect your bearings and try and remain as calm as possible. Continue to be firm and direct with your child, but try not to show your anger or frustration or it may only further the situation.

Fourth, talk to your child about his or her feelings. Instead of sending them to their room to cool off by themselves and moving on once they’ve calmed down, take the time to discuss feelings with your child. If your child needs a minute or so to calm down, let them have it, but then talk to your child and try to find out why he or she is upset and what can be done to remedy the situation. Once again, remind him or her that feelings are okay, but how you handle those feelings are important.

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