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Improving Your Child’s Reading Skills

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Strong reading skills are essential to academic success. If you have noticed your child struggling with reading or reading below his or her grade level, you may want to take some steps to correct this. Of course, your child’s teacher and school will help with this, but there are some measures you can take at home to try and help strengthen your child’s reading abilities.

  • Start with reading to your child. Some parents may think that the only way children can learn or improve their reading skills is to force them to try and read. However, reading to your child on a regular basis can be very helpful. Reading to your child can also help promote an interest or love in reading, which will likely inspire them to read independently.
  • Keep reading material around the house. Studies have shown that children who grow up in homes with an abundance of reading material become better readers and people who enjoy reading. Again, having the material out, accessible and abundant may also pique your child’s curiosity and inspire them to read independently and for pleasure.
  • Encourage reading in every situation. Reading and learning doesn’t just have t occur during designated study times. If you’re at the grocery store, ask your child to read the grocery list to you, or to pick out which aisle you need by reading the signs. When you’re in the car, see how many road signs your child can read.
  • Use a variety of methods for learning. Don’t just sit down and plop a book in front of your child. Different methods work for different children and you may need to get creative to find what works for your child. Try some reading games, computer software, worksheet activities, and more.
  • Utilize your public library. Visit your public library often with your child. Not only will you be able to easily acquire new reading material whenever you like, bust public libraries often hold storytimes, reading programs and other activities that can help get your child excited about reading.

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