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Fostering Creativity in Your Child

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Raising children comes with more questions than answers. During the elementary school ages, one of the questions parents face often is whether to keep their child focused and studious or whether to let them explore and express their creativity more. While it is likely very important to you that your child excel academically, there are also benefits to letting your child branch out and flex his or her creative muscles. Here are some ways you can help foster your child’s creativity.

  • Give your child what they need to be creative. This may sound counterintuitive – shouldn’t creative children be able to do more with less? It is important, however, that your child have the right tools to express his or her creativity. Find out what your child is interested in and support it, whether by buying paint supplies, building blocks, instruments, etc.
  • Don’t be bossy. Give your child time to experience freedom from your direction, instruction and expectations and see what they come up with. Giving your child the opportunity and space to try something new can lead to great things.
  • Encourage the arts. Try to get your child interested and involved in the arts. Rather than allowing them to watch TV often or zone out with video games, try to get them to pick up a good book, write their own stories, drawing, etc.
  • Focus on the process. Try not to focus too much on the end result your child achieves. Instead, try and focus on and value the process of what your child does. Make sure your child enjoys what they are doing.

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