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As parents, we want our children to succeed in every way possible. We don’t like seeing them struggle and want to do as much as we can to help. But it is important for our children to learn from their mistakes. You can certainly help your child when they need it, but you should be careful not to cross the line and end up doing your child’s work for him or her.

  • Talk with the teacher. Schedule some time to discuss this with your child’s teacher. If you have a better understanding of the type of homework assignments your child will be receiving and how the teacher uses them to evaluate your child, it may be easier to determine your level of involvement.
  • Structure homework time. Most kids need boundaries. Make sure that your child has a regular, scheduled time for homework. Limit breaks and distractions as much as possible so your child can focus on his or her work. You should also try and give your child a designated space to work. This should also be free from distractions and should only be used for homework.
  • Help your child get started. If your child is working on an assignment or project, feel free to help brainstorm ideas with him or her. Often times the most difficult part of an assignment is getting started. Helping by giving your child a little direction is perfectly fine, just make sure you let them work on their own once they get going.
  • Praise your child’s efforts and work. When your child has worked on an assignment and completed it, make sure you offer some praise or recognition. If you work to help build your child’s confidence, they may have an easier time tackling homework and projects on their own in the future.

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