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Receiving and Understanding your ACT Scores

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ACT score reports will be mailed to students between three and eight weeks following the actual date of taking the ACT.  Because of this you need to make sure that you or your student allows plenty of time to both take the test and receive the scores in time to meet the application deadlines for the college(s) of choice.  It’s also important to remember that if the Writing portion of the test included, those scores take about two weeks longer than the scores from the multiple-choice section.  However, the scores from the multiple-choice section will be sent with the Writing scores and not before.

ACT scores can be viewed online if the student has set up a web account and takes the test on a national test date.  While the scores can generally be viewed in about two and a half weeks, keep in mind that this is not the official score report.  You can expect the official score report to be mailed about three to eight weeks following the test date.  Test dates and projected score release dates are available on the ACT website.

Each person who takes the ACT can receive three separate reports.

The Student Report will be sent directly to the mailing address provided by the student.  You can expect to receive test scores anywhere from three to eight weeks following the date of the test.  Included in this report will be the ACT scores along with information about college and career planning.

If requested by the student, the High School Report can be sent to the student’s school.  It’s a good idea to check with the school guidance counselor or college planning office prior to having the scores sent.  These scores can be included in a high school transcript that is being sent to a preferred college.

The student can select the colleges and scholarship providers that he or she would like to receive the College Report.  Again, these can be expected within three to eight weeks following the test date.  After scores are available, the student can request that these be sent to additional schools.

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