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How to Send Your ACT Scores

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Familiarize yourself with the ACT registration and the process of where and how to send your scores.

Here are the basics.

  • Scores are recorded every time you take the ACT and are filed separately.  In the event you choose to take the ACT more than once, you may select which set of scores to be forwarded to the colleges of your choice.  What is not allowed is picking individual sections from different dates of testing.
  • When you register, you can select up to four colleges to receive your ACT scores.  Sending these scores is included in the cost of your basic registration.    It’s important to remember, however, that if you choose to send your scores to colleges, you will not be able to review your scores prior to them being sent.  That’s why it’s generally a good idea to just leave the college selection portion of the registration blank until you’ve seen your scores.  That gives you the option of retaking the ACT should you feel the need to increase yours scores.

But, doing it this way does cost extra.  If you choose not to send to the four schools included in your registration fee, additional reports will cost $12.00 each.

The choice is yours, but remember that the ACT is offered several times each year.  If you choose to wait, you won’t have your preferred colleges receiving test scores for which you weren’t satisfied.  Often test performance will improve with the retaking and you’ll get a higher score, increasing not only your chance for acceptance but often your opportunities for financial aid.

Make sure you use valid ACT codes for the schools you select.  This is particularly important if your selected college has more than one campus.

Be sure to include all of the relevant information that the ACT as well as the college will need.  That includes name, date of birth and your Social Security number or ACT ID.

Only the scores from the test date(s) you indicate will be sent.

Find more information about the taking the ACT.

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