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Spooky and Seasonal Learning Games

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With Halloween just around the corner, you may be looking for ways to have fun and celebrate the holiday with your little one. Holidays or special occasions can be a great time to find new ways to teach your child, as they are already excited to participate. Here are some fun options to mark the holiday or season and still keeping your child excited about learning.

  • Skeleton Scavenger Hunt. Make a skeleton from pieces of cardboard or construction paper – or just buy a simple skeleton decoration – and hide the pieces around your house or yard. Next, create scavenger hunt clues for your little one to decipher. The clues can be anything you want, depending on what your child is learning at the time. You could do math problems, letter recognition, handwriting tasks, history or science trivia, and so on. Get creative!
  • Spider Web Obstacle Course. This activity is great for working on motor development. Use some streamers or toilet paper and hang them in a hallway or room – connecting them from one wall to the other. Hang them in plenty of lopsided and crazy ways, so they almost resemble a spider web. Then, have your little ones navigate under, over and through the streamers to get from one side of the room to the other.
  • Spider Web Math Game. Use masking or painter’s tape to make a fun spider web design on your floor. Then, use some more tape to place a number inside each section of the web. Then, call out math problems to your child and ask them to move to the section with the number that corresponds with the correct answer. For example, you call out “2+2!” and your child will have to locate the 4 and go stand on it. This can also be used for word or letter recognition.
  • Apple Word Tree. If you and your children like apple picking, you’ll love this fun game designed to teach word recognition and grammar development. Create a simple tree with pieces of brown and green construction paper to tape up to your wall. Next, use some red paper to create little apples. Write different words on the apples and stick them all over the tree. Then, have your children “pick” different apples to form sentences. If your children are smaller, you can write just one letter on each apple and have them spell words instead.

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