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The Day before an Exam: To Sleep or not to Sleep…

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On the night before an exam, many people ask themselves this question: “Should I sleep or study?” The answer to this question, however, varies for every person/circumstance. Sleeping well replenishes your energy and, in addition, it boosts your level of thinking. These 2 benefits will definitely improve your performance during an exam. Judging from these last points, it would appear that sleeping is the far more superior option. However, do not underestimate the benefits involved in spending all night studying.

By studying the night before, the things that you looked over will stick in your mind for the next day; unfortunately, through, they will not last longer than that. Since our goal is to attain a decent grade and pass the course, cramming the night may do the trick. So now that you have looked at the pros of each option, it is time for you to choose which one to do. Like I said earlier, the choice you make is solely dependent on yourself and your current situation. The following scenarios are specific situations where many exam takers may fall in:

Scenario #1:

Studied well ahead of time
For those who have been studying throughout a long period of time, they have no reason to study all night the day before an exam. Since these people already know almost/all the contents on the exam, a brief glance over is all that is need on the night before. The beneficial option to choose is of course to get a relaxing all night sleep.

Scenario #2:

Partially studied throughout the term
Partially studied means those who only learned the minimum required to allow them to finish assignments, projects, etc. For those who fall into this category and also wish to attain a decent passing mark, the option I would recommend is to study all night. The reason being is that exams usually cover a vast amount of contents and also require a higher degree of understanding. By taking the night before and reviewing each topic in greater detail, this will allow those to perform well on that exam.

Scenario #3:

Limited studying done throughout the term
Those who did very limited studying would fall into this category. If you are in this situation and the clock strikes midnight on the day of your exam, you are left with no choice but to stay up that night and really focus on studying. It is fatal to think that a whole night is a lot of time because it is not. Before you know it, you’re exam is only a few hours away! The strategy to pass your exam is to briefly learn the concepts of each topic. You may not have time to go into much detail!

Scenario #4:

Those who are ill
Whether you are suffering from a chronic disease or a minor cold, it is not recommended to stay up all night studying. The type situation you are in does not matter anymore because what is more important than your health? By staying up all night, your immune system weakens; hence, more and more bacteria infection would occur. Therefore, do not stay up all night if you are sick!

This article was written for you by David one of the tutors with SchoolTutoring Academy.

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