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Transitioning from High School to University

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For a lot of students the thought of moving from what you already know and have grown accustomed to, to something foreign to you is a scary thought. However, the transition from High School to University does not have to be a terrifying experience, rather it can be exhilarating.
When preparing for University you might be nervous of a number of things. The workload, the class size change, the social change, being away from home for the first times, are all examples of common fears when transitioning into University. Rather than fear the unknown, you will find it more comforting to embrace the new.

Tips for Academic Transition:

  • In High School you did not have a choice whether or not you went to class. Now that you are at an institution where very rarely will they ever take attendance you will find it easy to miss an occasional class. My suggestion for this is simple: don’t. You might think you will not miss anything, or that you can get the notes from someone else. That could be true once, but often once becomes much more. It does not take much to fall behind.
  • You may have found High School easy, or maybe you did not have to try hard to achieve the grades you received. University will be different. University is not nearly impossible as long as you put your effort into your work. Avoid procrastination, studying only the night before, and avoid missing assignments.
  • If you are really struggling with something it is likely that it will come up again. Do not ignore it and do not be afraid to talk to your Professor face to face. You may be in a class of a few hundred people, but your Professors will appreciate the fact that you took effort and time to ask them a question.
  • Read what is assigned to you. However do not just read the text, take notes while you read. When you take notes write them in your own words, as your own words are easier to understand and remember than the textbook’s words.

Tips for Social Transition:

  • Opt for a roommate. Maybe not a single person from your High School is attending the same University as you. A roommate will allow you to immediately meet someone, and through that person you can meet other people too. If things really don’t turn out well you can often change.
  • Get involved! In High School you may have found it easy to allow time for sports and clubs. Universities have numerous clubs too. They have Math clubs, Science clubs, and even some clubs you would never think of, like a cheese club; for those people who simply enjoy cheese. It’s an easy way to meet new people too!
  • Take a break every now and then. I say this with caution. If you work hard, study hard, attend classes, and do your assignments, you will deserve a break. Watch a movie with a couple of friends, or sit and talk for a while. However remember, a break is not watching a movie every night, or playing Mario Kart for hours the night before a test. View your breaks as reward for having worked hard.

Remember do not be afraid. Embrace the fact that you are about to begin something you have never done before. Why do people skydive? Because it’s thrilling, new and completely different. Let University be your skydiving experience.

This article was written for you by Grace, one of the tutors with SchoolTutoring Academy.

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