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Effective Time Management
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As a student, managing your time is very important to ensure you are successful in your courses while also being able to have time for yourself. If you are able to develop good time management habits during school years, this trait is definitely beneficial in the when you finish school and have various tasks to…

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Post Secondary Education: What Should New Students Know?
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You’ve just graduated from high school and spent months choosing and applying what post-secondary institution you want to attend. September finally rolls around and you are excited about attending a new school and meeting tons of new people. But along with your feelings of excitement for a new experience, also comes with fear and nerves.…

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Effects of Sleep Debt
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Once the school year begins in the fall, many students are assigned large amounts of coursework with tight deadlines. After inefficient study sessions, the solution that many students resort to is losing sleep. Now, is losing sleep really the healthiest option? Procrastination that leads to late night work sessions and all-nighters may seem appealing at…

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5 Tips to Alleviate Stress
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Life as a student, whether in high school or university, may get tough at times. We all deal with a range of issues in addition to the multiple assignments and tests to study for. High levels of stress may lead to health problems in the future which would be best to avoid. In order to…

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Going Against the Crowd: A Guide to Living Independently
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Young children live life on a whim. They are wild and unapologetic, completely ignorant to social constraints. Concepts like acceptance and popularity are non factors since their self-image has yet to be developed. Little by little this serene existence begins to crumble as children are awakened to the harsh judgments of society. This reaches a…

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Creating & Maintaining Positivity
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Amidst the stress of life’s constant demands, it can be easy to slip into a pessimistic mindset. Eventually however, this negative attitude becomes your habitual perspective. Constant gloom is not only detrimental to your mental health, but it can be a drain on those around you as well. While you may not be able to…

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Tips to Save $$$ Money $$$
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“All the things I could do, if I had a little money” Does this Abba lyric resonate with you? Are you constantly stressed about your bank balance? Well fret no more because the following tips are sure to help any student sustain their cash flow. The best part is, with just a little planning, these…

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The Benefits of Playing Sports
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Extracurricular activities are an important and enriching experience for children to have. With such a vast array of exciting opportunities to choose from, it can be difficult to decide which one(s) to enroll your child in. Most commonly, parents carefully select the programs that reflect their own youth. The hope is that they will gift…

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Choosing a Major
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Choosing a major is hard! Of the countless interesting programs available, it is difficult to know which one is going to be the best fit personally. Although switching majors throughout your studies is always an option, finding satisfaction in your initial choice can help to create a positive university experience. Like any important decision, the…

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A General Approach to Problem Solving in Math
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Math strikes fear into the hearts of many.  For the students I have had the privilege of tutoring, word problems in particular have been their greatest obstacle. The methods described below will help you approach these questions with less difficulty.   The Read, Reread, and Read Again Method Students who find themselves struggling in math…

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Maintaining a Productive Workspace
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Productivity is the effectiveness of one’s efforts. Anyone who has ever had to complete a task that they don’t enjoy, understands the importance of this principle. What few realize however, is that the quality of their workspace directly impacts their productivity levels. Regardless of your responsibilities, this four step approach will revolutionize your work environment,…

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Life After High School
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Graduating high school is a huge milestone! Four years of hard work and dedication will culminate to one grand celebration of accomplishment. Beyond commencement however, is an empty canvas awaiting the adventures of newly minted graduates. Once the public school journey draws to a close, students will experience a real sense of independence. For the…

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The Link Between Physical Activity & School
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The physical benefits of an active lifestyle have long been recognized. It’s the positive effects of exercise on the mental state, that until recently, have remained hidden. From improved mood to increased focus, the impacts are widespread. Countless scientific studies have been conducted in the past decade to support, and explain, this phenomenon. The astonishing…

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Carpe Diem: Ideas for Making The Summer Count!
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“School’s Out!” The excited cries of students can be heard across the nation as spring finally turns to summer. June marks the end of tiring school days filled with seemingly endless homework assignments and ushers in a period of fun and relaxation. Once the novelty of free time wears off however, the question on the…

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Learning a Second Language
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Introduction Learning a second language has had an immense impact on my life as a student, an employee and on the day to day interactions I have. It’s an experience and a skill that can be beneficial to any life. It’s not easy to learn a language, but it’s a culturally enriching and rewarding experience.…

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Test-Taking Tips for Unlimited Benefits
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Mostly Advantageous With High School starting to pick up after the first month and midterm season starting in most Post-Secondary institutions, it’s as good a time as any to start talking about tests. Love them or hate them, good test taker or otherwise, they’re a large part of the marking scheme for students in their later…

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Science myths on the big screen
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Education is important. Not just to get a good job, but also to understand the world around you.  Knowledge and understanding help us put things into perspective.  It helps us make sense of our surroundings and stops us from being tricked by false information.  People always say “don’t believe everything you see on TV”, and…

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10 Tips to Avoid Homesickness for Students Just Entering University
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Transitioning from high school into university can be daunting at first. A student has to deal with making new friends, learning to survive without their parents, the stress of an education system that demands more from them, the anxiety of the future and much more. So it isn’t too hard to believe that many students…

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How to Get Through High School – and Enjoy It!
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I remember how scary the first day of high school was. High school was different than my first days at other schools. There were lots of other new kids but the school was also so much bigger, and the students seemed so much older! It was all very intimidating. On top of that, I felt…

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1st Annual SchoolTutoring Scholarship Essay Winner – Alyssa Forbes
819 1024 Get Help from SchoolTutoring Academy

Alyssa Forbes Alyss Forbes was the recipient of the SchoolTutoring $500 College Student Scholarship. We wish her every success as she pursues her education at Savannah College of Art and Design to become character designer for video games. Tell us about yourself. I grew up in a small town in southern Georgia, and I have a…

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